Construction of an extension to the Thessaloniki water treatment plant (E.E.N.Th.) – A2

09/09/2022 The company, undertook in September 2022 the verification and control of the studies available to the Contractor for the project: “CONSTRUCTION OF EXTENSION OF THE THESSALONIKI WATER TREATMENT FACILITY (EENTH) – A2” tendered by EYATH PAGION N.P.D.D. and EYATH S.A.

The studies available to the Contractor are the following:


  1. Geotechnical Study and research carried out as part of the Final Study of the EEN expansion projects (Phase A2).
  2. Chemical Technical Study (Study of Processing Processes) of the EEN expansion projects (Phase A2).
  3. Definitive Study of Water Treatment Plant Expansion Plumbing Works (Phase A2), which includes:

3.1. Definitive Study of technical processing works

3.2. Architectural Study of Processing Facilities buildings

3.3. Final Study of installation infrastructure networks (rainfall network, new sewers, irrigation network, internal road construction, etc.)

  1. Implementation Study of the load-bearing organization of the construction of the A2 Stage extension projects (Static Study).
  2. Application Study of E/M installations of EEN expansion projects (Phase A2).
  3. Environmental Study of Water Treatment Facility expansion projects (Phase A2) – Phytotechnical Study.
  4. Laboratory investigations carried out at the Pre-Study stage of the EEN expansion projects with the aim of:

(a) the evaluation of the use of ozone with or without the addition of hydrogen peroxide for the removal of organic substances (2-MIB) that impart a strong taste and odor to the water of the drinking water treatment facilities of Thessaloniki, and

(b) estimating the required doses of sulfuric acid or carbon dioxide to reduce the pH to desired levels.

  1. Τhe Implementation Study of the existing Water Treatment Facility (Phase A1).
  2. Modification Study of the Definitive Study of Expansion of Water Treatment Facility (Phase A2).

It also undertakes:

  • The preparation and drafting of project improvement proposals for submission to the Service.
  • The geotechnical survey and exploratory drilling at a depth of 15.00m, in the construction area of the sand and coal beds building