Wastewater Management

HYDROMANAGEMENT’s has extensive experience in studies related to sewerage and storm water networks at the level of small settelments, city extensions or island areas. The company has the infrastructure to conduct dynamic calculation of sewer networks with the use of relevant software packages, which simulate sewage and rainwater runoff, as well as pollutant loads’ transportation through the sewerage network to natural recipients. Our expertise extends to vacuum drainage systems.

Moreover, HYDROMANAGEMENT has carried out a substantial number of specialized projects in the field of highway drainage such as the hydraulic road drainage of the EGNATIA highway.

As far as municipal wastewater treatment is concerned, a large number of studies have been conducted concerning management plans at county level, but also integrated technical designs of urban waste water treatment plants, at a preliminary level, giving viable solutions for the initial planning, preliminary study, final study and study application. The sewage treatment plants implemented vary in capacity, serving very small settlements up to 2000 Equivalent Residents to the largest units in the country and abroad ranging from 2,000 – 250,000 inhabitants. The proposed treatment methods capture innovations in the field since the first artificial wetland projects in the 1980s up to MBR, MBBR, Rotating Biodisc, SBR units and of course a host of extended aeration units.

Moreover, the company undertakes the design and study of industrial waste water treatment and landfill leachate treatment facilities. The implementation design of the Mavrorachi Landfill leachate treatment facility if the most current example of such a project undertaken by the company.

The innovation and expertise the company has acquired over the years is demonstrated by the new energy optimization project in waste water treatment plants that is currently in progress.

Finally, through a group of specialist professionals the company has extended its projects to the operation of small biological waste water treatment plants, completing the holistic approach to urban wastewater management.

Selected Projects