Water Resources Management

HYDROMANAGEMENT specializes in water supply network operational management and leak detection and is able to undertake a variety of relevant studies. Relevant projects include water supply projects, hydrological projects, river basin management projects, irrigation projects, dams, design of water treatment facilities, telemetry applications, etc.

A considerable number of water supply networks have been designed, ranging from preliminary to final design, including some highly complicated specialized studies. The projects undertaken cover all aspects of water supply, including transmission and trunk mains, distribution networks, pumping stations, reservoirs, pipe replacement and rehabilitation, water treatment plants and SCADA.

One of the latest current projects is the inspection of the definitive study of the main aqueduct of the Thessaloniki water treatment plant and the application study at the next stage for the contractor of the project, as well as the “Preparation of Definitive Studies of the Flood Protection and Rainfall Networks, Water Supply, Drainage, Irrigation and Fire Extinguishing of Common Areas” for the ThessIntec Technology Park.

HYDROMANAGEMENT has specialized experience in water supply networks operational management and leak detection. The company’s staff experience was acquired through the completion of a number of projects, in collaboration with the British Consultants HYDER and British Leak Detection services providers FLOWCONTROL and HYDROSAVE.

Moreover, a number of pilot and non-pilot programs have been completed for EYATH SA, as well as for smaller EYAs in the country with a direct impact on saving water resources.

In the sector, the company has been also active at a research level in conditions of climate change (Management of water resources under climate change).

Selected Projects